Monday, May 31, 2010

CeeJay's Miscellaneum Freebie Table & MM Board

There is an MM in opposite corner, also was a box that had a free bracelet on the floor nearby the freebie table. Enjoy!

3636 Hair Freebies

The hair there for free is Alica (hair with bow )and Ebony (boxed)

Honey Freebies & 5L Limited Time Sale

Freebie Wall

They also have a 5L Limited Sale going on as well.

Honey Also has a blog and twitter page - enjoy!

Tasha Designs Freebies & MM Board

Some really cute freebies here. Be sure to tip if you can so she can continue a great tradition and keep her tier up! Hit the subscribe o matic too! Lucky chair at entrance.
There is also an MM board here, and also another somewhere else for group members.

Twisted Thorn Freebies & Free Script Library

You will find many wonderful items as well here for the builder in you. The group is also great to belong to, you will find information on TWISTED THORN TEXTURE group at the entrance of the store.

And if you're looking for scripts to help you, be sure to check here as well as their group FREEBIE SCRIPT LIBRARY. The folks are helpful too.


Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Freebies

Whether you study here or in other SL Virtual Colleges. This store has some really cute backpacks for free, and shirts too if you are on campus here. Nice to feel part of a college campus without the extra cost one usually pays for books in real life.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

B@R Bare Rose Freebies & Dollarbies

The best thing I can tell you is, BARE ROSE is a MUST for shopping. Great prices, covers themes labeled in both men and women catagories of Fantasy, Sci-Fiction, Anime, and more. When I first came to SL 3 yrs ago, my friends brought me here first. When you come you will see why. If you've never been here, ask your friends why?
This is the freebie and dollarbie corner of their HQ. The designer is from Tokyo Japan. All I can say is, all clothes are transferable, great priced, and if you can't find something the staff is happy to show you.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Xplosion Freebie Wall

This whole wall is FREE to pick from, from ripped and torn jeans, to neko outfits.
Be sure to stop by and check it out!
There is also a discount area as well. ENJOY!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dedicated to My Friends who have been hurt...

Know my dearest friends, no one is worth changing to please them when they can't be happy with themselves. We're not dolls, we're human beings. Imperfect but accepted by true friends. Know true friends accept you for who you are, imperfections and all.

World Builder....

What I loved about this was basically no matter what your background, your health, your challenges...this sums it up in a nut shell.
You are only limited as much as you allow your imagination to be.

SHAMPOOOO Update Group Gifts

This is a really fun store with great prices on quality clothing.
As you see from the photo above, there are group gifts here at the store, even one for being 500 members to the group. Well worth the add. Nice Owner too!
Be sure to say hi, her name is MIRU Luik.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Today only at Multiple Personality Designs.
A lovely gown in pink, just in time for spring!
Her welcome also offers a gift to her store as well.

ALSO..if you're on a BUDGET? Her items go from FREE to 3L for a fatpack?
I love it here!

sf Design Monday Mania & Gifts

For the men's area to start with. Is a very nice jacket for only 25L
They also give out nice gifts for men here as well
Be sure also to join their Make Him Over Hunt Group as well for other stores that give out men's free gifts. All you have to do is search for the MALE SYMBOL.

The FEMALE version of the men's jacket can be found HERE below
There is also 2 free gifts, one free until the END OF MAY here for the ladies.


This is for both men and women, remember though, there is a guys necklace that is 10L that was put on this corner, so it is NOT free, but the rest are just be smart and check before buying.

There is also a Midnight Mania board on the other side of the room as well to check out.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mischief SLX 30L Sale

One of my favorite is her "Essential Little Black Kit - V2" that comes with 5 tops and a snug black skirt that I originally paid 500L for.

MISCHIEF on SLX marked down right now only 30L each.

Link Below Shows ALL of her outfits - Can't beat that deal of 30L!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tribute to BREAD - Sweet Surrender

You know I don't care if this gets on Ellen or not, but I tell ya, she might not be LADY GAGA, but the lady's voice ROCKS. Not even sure who she is, but liked how well she sang BREAD's Song - Sweet Surrender. Nice touch! Thanks for the memories :)

Bread - Simple Staples of my Childhood...

Growing up, BREAD was one of the earlier bands I remember (1969-1972) So this is my tribute to their music and their fashions. I remember taking my brother Jim's shirt because of the fabric and design on it. And I also remember these wild pants they wore. I know, because I TOO wore them. It was one fad I am GLAD did NOT return to style... *laughs*

This is a RARE clip of one of Bread's concerts. I hope you enjoy going down memory lane with me... Song is..."Any way you want me"

Monday, May 17, 2010

Keith Semple's 15 minutes of Fame...

Ok, after watching the Today Show, Ellen, and such that find new things off YOUTUBE. I thought, ok....let's give someone ONCE A MONTH their 15 mins of fame here on my blog.

Be sure to pause the music to the right and give a silent applause to someone who is following their dream.



Hope you like. And Keith, nice vocals but as a mom....brush your hair. hehe *winks*

Friday, May 14, 2010

VJ Eyewear Freebie

+LS+ 002 Fang diamond - Freebie give your vampire that extra "BLING"

JP Tattoo's - Freebies & Dollarbies...

There is also a couple dollarbies (heart & clover tattoo) and in the same area, also a black dress for 1L. The photo above is a butterfly and the other is kiss marks.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


You will find both for men and women on here. When you step outside, explore their amusement park too they have scattered about the sim as well.

Koreshan's Bake Sale Freebies

Not everything IS free, but there are many that are! From earrings, stockings, shoulder pets, and more. Stop on in and just have fun checking it out!

Flavor! Designs Freebie of the Week...

There is a men's hidden also, but I think you might coax one of the girls at the store to show you.

For the ladies though... look for new one piece bathing suite for women.. marked down till friday.. free!!!

My thanks to the staff of Flavor! Designs for making me feel so welcome!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sweeter Than Candy Freebie Wall

Full Wall of Freebies

If you're just starting out, or enjoy some fun free clothing, be sure to stop here. Also make sure you look around and click on her subscribe o matic and check out the past notices for good freebies there as well. Enjoy!

Tides are changing in SL...

Since last year, I've taken a course in GIMPster (still learning), signed up for CIF&D (still learning), had surgery, RL trials and tribs with children. Joined Tiny Empires under Migloire (which reminds me of one of my favorite movies..), and have joined up with LUCKY KITTY CREW as a BLOGGER there. :) Oh and as you can see, have a new look!

So bear with me as things slowly come around and look for new posts from me in due time. I have 92k to go through my inventory! *hugs to all*