Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Paris NY, JV, Lotus, A&M, U&R Dogs

Was going through inventory when I got word that Jessica Creations on Fierce Island Region had a weekend sale that ends soon for these cute sandals only 2L!

I rushed over, and sure enough. Slipped those prim sandals on and within moments had my tones blended perfectly!

I then headed over to Lotus, which is in a japanese sim (have to love those designers!) in the region of KanazawaSLing.

I'm wearing their yuki - milktea hair. Just love it! Join their group and find OODLES of group gift hair on the first floor! Don't forget their free hair as well (one is a dollarbie). You'll also find lucky board on the 2nd floor! There is also 3 camping chairs there too, if that's your thing.

The background for this pose was taken at Paris New York Region at Paris New York where they have a great Eiffel Tower and shops to explore! Where I'm standing you can also click and get a free bike to ride around on!

I just love this jewelry set I got at Sepia Region - U&R Dogs! I was lucky enough to get them on the VIP HUNT. I added the store for you to check out in case you found something that caught your eye as well!

Last but not least. A&M or Acid & Mala can be found in the Ducknipple Region. This cool outfit( URBAN LIFE ) I'm wearing was also from the VIP HUNT I did. Be sure to check out what's cool & new, and also their freebies. Don't sit on the watermelon. Seems there is some type of hunt going on there as well they are part of! :winks:


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sentou Yousei, WWI, and Shardie's Skins & Shapes

Click on the picture to the right to see things closer.
I'm wearing 1 of the 4 new lucky chair boots at Battle Fairy.

Be sure also to check on the nearby subscribe-o-matic to keep up to date with what new things are coming out!

Sentou Yousei is located in the Stumbleine Region. I am wearing Delia's Retro Boots Beige at the moment.

They have a menu that will help allow you to adjust the fit of your boots, which I love.

My outfit otherwise came from the KEYS TO THE VIP HUNT done awhile back. This one was from 006B - WWI called, "WWI SE Jumpsuit - TAN". Worldwide Industries is located in the Hello Region.

They do have a sub-scribe-o-matic, as well as a lucky chair. Be sure to check out both!

Shardie's Skins & Shapes "I love my skins" are found in Daytona Beach Region. Be sure to click on their Midnight Mania board and Lucky Chair. Some really great skins and shapes to be found. VERY realistic. I love mine!

Have fun shopping!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Botanical, Jewelry by Jake, SLink, Blaze, and more!

I always try to find new places for people to explore.

This time due to my outfit being white, I thought I'd go with the lovely colorful atmosphere of Botanicals!

Whether you wish to purchase at Straylight Region landscaping items, or just have a romantic moment.

I think you'll find a little something for everyone.

CKR was GiftHair #007 (Platinum).
This was created by Suzu Rechel.

When I tried to find the old location of CKR, it lead me to ROGE in the JapanSeychellesLand Region. Let me know if you know where it is.

The skin is by Lazolli in the Juicy Mirabella Region. It's called Sophia - 04F Every once in awhile she hides little gifts of 0-2L skins amongst her regular priced skins.

My Blaze Body Glitter - Silver was part of an outfit during their Fire Sale. But I love it by itself. You can find other wonderful attire as well. Just look around at Blaze Region at Blaze!

SLink is one of my favorite stores. It first started out by her making nail polish for both hands and feet that actually made sense when you wore them in gloved form. Then she went on to make some really great clothing mix/match pieces. Last but not least, as you see, she's followed through with some really cute prim sandals!

Be sure to take a trip over to SLink in the Sanctum Region. It's a great experience!

Jewelry by Jake is found in the Plio Region. Click on the picture to see it more up close.

My outfit Satin White was a gift from a friend. Mystic Paradise is found in the Alouette Region. What is nice is you can find some great deals for 50L!

I hope you were able to find something during this tour of SL.

See you next post with more fun and adventure!.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

SD Wears & PRIMALOT have FREE Goodies

If I haven't mentioned this before.
You CAN click on the pictures to make them LARGE to see more up close.

The dress today is a Midnight Mania Freebie at SD Wears. It's called "Bubble-Boo Dress".

It only takes 100 people to lock it down. What a fun dress, don't you think?!

You'll find this in the Dubya City Region.

Be sure to check out their subscribe-o-matic as well.

It offers a gift as well! There is also a dollarbie nearby if you look on the display.

PRIMALOT in the Blackmount Region has a subscribe-o-matic as well. If you walk down the stairs and around the corner, there are two LUCKY CHAIRS.

In the back on the bottom shelf you'll find these FREEBIE CORK WEDGES in their Freebie section, along with other fun things.

I hope you are able to walk away with at least one fun item! It's well worth the visit!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beauty Avatar * RedGrave * DH * AD * and Pelletteria Morrisey

This little adventure will take you to a few places to check out.
I hope that you'll find it worth your while. I had fun doing it.

First place is Beauty Avatar Couture, which is found in Beauty Avatar Couture Region.

Their Estate Gift gives you a full female avatar (outfit, skin, eyes, and more). You'll find it on the entrance table in a white purse. I am only displaying the skin though here.

Though my eyelashes from REDGRAVE came from a BUNDLE, they DO have a couple nice freebies to check out. (Blue Eyes, Sunglasses, and a Face Light)

You'll located it in the REDGRAVE Region.

If you DO want the eyelashes bundle. Then this is the SPOT to them!

The hair I'm wearing comes from Diversity Hair in the Addictive Region.

It's called Crimson-Peroxide Blonde. I think I got it on the last hunt I did in their store. I call it the Elizabeth Hurley look.

If you are under 30 days old, *DH* gives you a voucher for FREE hair of your choice. Be sure to check out the 1L fat packs of hair upstairs.

I LOVE this next place. The creator is such a lovely lady. Italian fashion that brings memories of my childhood of high school and young 20's. Pelletteria Morrisey is located in Danish Visions Region.

This is one experience if you love shoes and purses like me to make well note of!
Remember if Stilettos are NOT your thing? This store is a MUST!

Last but not least... Angel Dessous in the Blue Sky Region. I am wearing GreccoBlack. (I also have it in GreccoBeige as well) this came from their Lucky Chair.
( You'll find a Midnight Mania and 3 Lucky Chairs HERE. )

A fun piece to kick back in or go clubbing. Definiately makes me think of summer and light comfortable fabrics. I would compare some of the pant outfits something akin to Nyte N Day. A great place to explore!

That's this bunch! Happy Shopping!

Idiosyncrasy Skins , Goldie Locks, and Blue Blood

This is a new skin coming out by Idiosyncrasy Skins called Riley - Birthday Girl in Pale.

I thought I'd give you a different look on my blog, and this is my first of many (depending on the skin makers that I blog).

It has a lovely fresh tone to the flesh, and the face up close reminds me of a English Model.

You can find more at Idiosyncrasy Skins in the PopFuzz Region.

Be sure to get on their subscribe-o-matics, to keep up to date with new releases!

The hair I'm wearing comes from Goldie Locks. They have a great selection, and this one is from their Lucky Chair.

It's called Polly in Coffee, though it reality it is a fat pack that gives you a variety to choose from. You can find more out about Goldie Locks Hair in the Nantli Xolal Region.

They also have a subscribe-o-matic, Newbie Hair Selection, Midnight Mania Board, and Lucky Chair section.

I just adore the owner of Blue Blood. Seriously. The lady is so sweet you could just pinch her cheeks!

At this store, you'll find from Victorian Goth, to Gothic Renassiance clothing, and even a few pieces that will surprise and amuse you. She has a Midnight Mania, Lucky Chair section, and more!

Be sure to do some exploring at Kali Isle and if you have the room, join her group!

The dress I'm wearing is "SheDevil Black" from her Lucky Chair.

There is another frontal piece to the dress, but I wanted to display the skin under it as well, thus why I left it off. But it still is a lovely gown! Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ema's Dilema Lucky Chair & Enkythings Freebies!

At Ema's Dilemas
I had a chance at a prize in her lucky chair.

Though the original outfit is very sexy...
I figured I'd feel a bit more comfortable by adding this jacket over the turtleneck short drift top otherwise.

The rest (skirt, collar sculptie, and nylons) are original.

Such a fun outfit!

What to my surprise when I stopped by Enkythings and found they had a couple freebies (earrings and shoes) over by the door.

So to make it complete, this is what I'm wearing now.

If you want a chance at either Ema's Lucky Chair or Enkythings Freebies.
(I"m including both landmarks for your enjoyment!)

Ema's Dilemas can be found on Golem Oyland Region, and Enkythings can be found on Orbiuna Region.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A piece of candy & Moody pinup shoes

This sweet short set came from their subscribe-o-matic.
Called Meg Teal, it looks just as cute in person as it is here.

You'll also find a cute freebie tee shirt on the desk, there was recently a hunt that each item was a dollarbie found containing skins. It may or may not be still going.

Over all though, a fun place to stop by, just seek out the Jersey Region and check out A PIECE OF CANDY.

I call Moody Shoes INVESTMENT shoes. Why?

Because though you find they are expensive, they are made well and the customer service is excellent!

I'm wearing Pinup in Black because it works well with anything as you can see.

Be sure to drop by and join the group to keep up to date when they have a shoe sale!

Stiletto Moody Region at Stiletto Moody Shoes.

Tribute to Zullay Designs & Trip to Chouchou

I was going through my inventory this morning and unboxed and dusted off this lovely gown.

Sadly though, Zullay Designs is no longer.

The gown though is Diana and indeed it is glamour.

So to do it justice, I took a trip to Chouchou in the Chouchou region.

Be sure to grab their hud to give yourself a more virtual 3D effect and experience.

What is Chouchou?

Chouchou is a Japanese music group which exists only in SecondLife.
It was formed on July, 2007 searching for new possibilities of music.

!Crissy Designs 1000 Group Member Gift

I joined Crissy Design's Subscribe-O-Matic awhile ago. I've also enjoyed their Lucky Chair as well.

The store has sales going on, a modeling corner to pose and take pictures upstairs.

You'll find costumes, retro sets displayed, and then this gift for being part of their group.

What a fun dress! Called July Sunrise Dress.
I'm glad I was able to be part of the 1000 membership!

Found on Pruni Region, be sure to get yourself added and check their archives.

!Crissy Designs! Take a peek in and see what's new!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

[AV] Group Gift & B& G - sweet sandals!

Two days ago I received this cute little Velvet Dress as a gift since I joined the [AV] subscribe-o-matic.

As you can see. It is a lovely velvet dress that I am wearing. A sweet bow for the center, otherwise, why add something that is already so perfect!

You can see what else they have available. From Dollarbies, to Lucky Chairs and Midnight Mania's!

Just pop in over to Venus region and take a peek at their rockabilly, retro, vintage, and pin up outfits! Just look for the name [AV]!

The next little treat was finding these cuties! Had I had enough I probably would have bought a few more pair.

One thing I like about these is it comes with a shoe prim hud, two, I like that you don't see that glazed look of alpha between the heel and shoe itself.

B&G is found on Shoes Region.

I won't spoil the fun going through what they have to offer, but I think you'll find at least 3 different sets of sandals you'll go OOh AAh over.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer FUN & July Independence Celebration

This fun hair is created by Tami McCoy! Color "Carmel", and I am so glad she didn't go into retirement!

There is a grand comparison between hers and Armadi, but I would say her's has a bigger selection with more hair tones to choose from.

Make sure to take a visit to Dixie Region and check out !TM Hair Styles By Tami McCoy Get Tamified!

A great patriotic idea of this bikini by Barbie Princess.
American Girl - Fun and equally festive! Something to wear down to the beach on a hot day!

You'll find her store on the Scaramanga Region. Barbie Princess Boutique sure lives up to the quality of Barbie!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Something for the Kitties!

This was one of the goodies I found in my inventory. I can't remember if it was a LC/MM or a Gift. So please forgive me.

Still a great outfit! Even the particles come with it!

It is called " LilB's Darn Lil' Dalmation Kitty outfit with tails & ears."

I just adore it.

Be sure to check out GhostRider's MC & LilB's Clothing found in Barons Bay Sim.

It will make a PURRfect day to explore!