Saturday, January 12, 2013

TinRoof Fashions

Welcome to TinRoof Fashions
I found this store by chance while doing
They still have 2 of their items hid there to locate.
Below is something I bought off the wall for 149L.
It is called TinRoof Tweedy Plum.
It also comes in Spruce and Cranberry.
I love the Victoria Beckum feel of it.
It is in MESH, so make sure you have a viewer
that is Mesh Capable.
Other wonderful items to explore here as well.
Honorable Mentions Below:
Tights - PaperDoll - Navy
Sunglasses - FA Creations - Nikita Outfit
Boots - Ydea - From Kriza Outfit Gift

Friday, January 11, 2013


Some things are free off the bat, others you have to belong to their FREE Group to JOIN to get them.

Many of you have been following me on my facebook, and just wanted to make the links more personal here.  I'll be listing free things and interesting places I've explored. 

This one though is me at my home, and wearing FA CREATIONS and SEDUCE - Nikita Outfit (rigged mesh for 299L ), and EMO-tion CARMEN hair.
They aren't free, but as you can see, they are well tailored. It also comes with a purse I wasn't wearing at the time. 

FA Creations and Seduce also has FREE Ice Skates for both men and women at their entrance, as well has created a lovely ice pond for you to enjoy!  They are affiliated with WOMENSTUFF and the hunts they have going on throughout the year.

FA Creations and Seduce also have a PROMO going on the marketplace for one of their dresses that normally is 399L in store, but 99L on the marketplace.

Also many great places around their sim for Photo Ops. I passed a porch beach scene that had a comfortable place to sit, guitar on the ground here.

Before I forget!  DO check out their NEW RELEASE for only 99L!
Because IT is MESH, they DO have a DEMO to try on. I suggest if you're not sure you want to commit, do that first!
AND  take a trip upstairs to their SALES AREA for 99L or LESS!
You will find some really great deals and fab looks, so don't pass this place for 2013!

Be SURE to check out THEIR BLOG as for more detailed photos of their designs!

They work hard so YOU don't have to!

EST 2009

Sunday, January 6, 2013


You will find things here for 99L or less.  From clothing, jewelry, skins, makeup, and more!

Many of your favorite designers.  I won't spoil who they are, but you get a glimpse from the door!


So much has went on in my real life of 2012.  I've been promoted to Senior Beauty Advisor for the Cosmetic Department of Walgreens.  My son married in August.  My WA in August as well.  My nephew married in September of 2012.  My sons birthdays of course, and of course... December 2012.. when I had to have surgery that sent me from one hospital EMS to another.  I am still in recovery, but I am not out of the loop of Second Life.

I am going to be trying to get back to posting my favorite finds through Second Life. There are so many wonderful artists and designers out there.  To start with.. this is my new look for 2013.

My thanks to Sachi Vixen of Adam and Eve for the lovely skin.
My hair is from La La Moon it is NOT mesh.

Thank you all who have added yourself to my blog here to show your support.  I have recently found out someone used this name to create a blog, though I wish them well, I am in NO way affiliated to them, their facebook page, nor anything they have created on Second Life.

It is sad to see people slam others for an outlet that they find enjoyable.  I created it out of love and admiration to all your hard work out there.  If I am missing any blogs DO please let me know and I will link them to where I have others.  Everyone is so creative!

So on that note.... here is the new me... shy at times, open and silly at others.
In recovery, and hopefully one day to be able to learn and share my love of fashion with the rest of you.

Me at home.

Please continue to support those who strive to make Second Life enjoyable.  
Many use this game for recovery, for an outlet, and also for their income when other options are not able to otherwise.  

Never stop the dream to learn, explore, and be all that you can be.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I am back!

Yes the phoenix has risen. I will be slowly coming back into posting again with my finds. Be patient.
I am working full time in Real Life, and just signed up to attend the University of Classic W/Style.
I have a whole new look, a whole new world to share with you.
Many of your beloved stores and finds I have found along the way.
Thank you for being my friends over the years, and looking forward to a new and exciting 2012!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Into April 2011

I didn't want to hit anyone with an APRIL FOOL theme, so I waited a few days.
My Real Life is a bit busy this week, but I was able to find a few more blogs out there that I think might be enjoyable, I am trying to add also links to the new HUNTS for APRIL that are on as well.

Thank you all for your patience.

Love you all!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cutie Skull Tee by Blake Fashion - TSB Exclusive...

Taken at Alpha Point in the Picnic Area -

Black Fashion BLOG -

The Shopping Bag -

Grab these fun tee's for only 77L for 3 Graphic Tee's!


Taken at my friend's AM Radio at IDIA Laboratories...
IDIA exhibition and installation sim for artists-in-residence hosted by the Institute for DIgital Intermedia Arts at Ball State University.



Blue Tartan Blouse Outfit ..Grab it.. only 99L!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

SAIKIN and booN hair Freebie & Group Gifts

A great place for models to find unique hair as well.

Mature Sim