Saturday, August 7, 2010

2010 Shoe Fair

Yes its that time again boys and girls. The shoe fair is upon us.
Please DO note, that it does NOT open to the PUBLIC until NOON - SL time.
(Or that would be 3pm EST.)

Please do take consideration to others and leave your jewelry, heavy prim hair, face lights, crazy ao's that have you doing cartwheels, fangs, weapons, and anything that sends your ARC into the RED zone. This way all may enjoy this wonderful event to help raise money for Souls4Soles.

The event will run from August 7 – 22, 2010.

And will show over 50 Shoe Designers offering some one of a kind shoes available for purchase.

Do also check out the Haybalers who are non-shoe designers for special items as well.

My hats off to all that work hard to put such a wonderful event together.
May this year be a successful one for such a worthy cause.

More details, be sure to pop in and check out the 2010 Shoe Fair Blog.

Nothing personal, BUT if I find anyone with a RED or ORANGE ARC number I will MUTE you so I can move around, so LESS (meaning high prim hair,jewelry, shoes )is BETTER.

Here is the LANDMARK to get you started here.