Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Look, New Beginnings..

Special Thanks for the awesome work of Luchi Bilavio, one of SL's Up and Coming Photographer. Be sure to IM him and get his rates. Well worth it as you can see!

Up and coming I will be sponsoring

Fab Free
Fan Shopping Chat
Fashion Freaks
Fashion Trend
Hey Girlfriend
L.E. Look!
Lucky Kitty Crew
My Shopping Bag
Pimp My Avi
StarWalkers 2010
The Best of SL Magazine Readers
The Dressing Room!
the Warehouse
Vain Inc.

There are many great designers and as I find their blogs, I'll be adding them to the right.
Feel free to follow me and what I'll be sharing as I continue my adventure in SL.

Happy Shopping!

xvxRUBYxvx Praga

PS. Watch for postings of what I find on note cards I get on SL for great items and savings!