Friday, May 22, 2009

Persnickity - Rob Us Blind Sale

This was a real 'treat' as they not only caught my curiosity, they also caught my sweet tooth!

New Look, New Location, New Name...

But still the same sweet owners! Taz & Leaf are a great team. You will find funny bears upstairs, fun and unique pieces to please any mood you might be in at the moment.

This was my favorite cookie from their gift.
The sale ended at 5pm SL time, but that shouldn't keep you away from going back!

Be sure to check out their other goodies. I'll even leave directions here for you to find your way to their store!

Persnickity is found on the Viana Islands.

You can also check out their blog on my blog under designers!

Their superset for 0L consisted of:

1 Dark Delight
1 Lovemuffin
1 Wish
1 Stardusted
1 Spice of Love
1 Gloomcookie
1 Mutie Chair

This ran until 5pm SL time, and was found at the desk area.

All I can say is YUM!