Sunday, July 19, 2009

A piece of candy & Moody pinup shoes

This sweet short set came from their subscribe-o-matic.
Called Meg Teal, it looks just as cute in person as it is here.

You'll also find a cute freebie tee shirt on the desk, there was recently a hunt that each item was a dollarbie found containing skins. It may or may not be still going.

Over all though, a fun place to stop by, just seek out the Jersey Region and check out A PIECE OF CANDY.

I call Moody Shoes INVESTMENT shoes. Why?

Because though you find they are expensive, they are made well and the customer service is excellent!

I'm wearing Pinup in Black because it works well with anything as you can see.

Be sure to drop by and join the group to keep up to date when they have a shoe sale!

Stiletto Moody Region at Stiletto Moody Shoes.