Saturday, July 18, 2009

[AV] Group Gift & B& G - sweet sandals!

Two days ago I received this cute little Velvet Dress as a gift since I joined the [AV] subscribe-o-matic.

As you can see. It is a lovely velvet dress that I am wearing. A sweet bow for the center, otherwise, why add something that is already so perfect!

You can see what else they have available. From Dollarbies, to Lucky Chairs and Midnight Mania's!

Just pop in over to Venus region and take a peek at their rockabilly, retro, vintage, and pin up outfits! Just look for the name [AV]!

The next little treat was finding these cuties! Had I had enough I probably would have bought a few more pair.

One thing I like about these is it comes with a shoe prim hud, two, I like that you don't see that glazed look of alpha between the heel and shoe itself.

B&G is found on Shoes Region.

I won't spoil the fun going through what they have to offer, but I think you'll find at least 3 different sets of sandals you'll go OOh AAh over.