Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sentou Yousei, WWI, and Shardie's Skins & Shapes

Click on the picture to the right to see things closer.
I'm wearing 1 of the 4 new lucky chair boots at Battle Fairy.

Be sure also to check on the nearby subscribe-o-matic to keep up to date with what new things are coming out!

Sentou Yousei is located in the Stumbleine Region. I am wearing Delia's Retro Boots Beige at the moment.

They have a menu that will help allow you to adjust the fit of your boots, which I love.

My outfit otherwise came from the KEYS TO THE VIP HUNT done awhile back. This one was from 006B - WWI called, "WWI SE Jumpsuit - TAN". Worldwide Industries is located in the Hello Region.

They do have a sub-scribe-o-matic, as well as a lucky chair. Be sure to check out both!

Shardie's Skins & Shapes "I love my skins" are found in Daytona Beach Region. Be sure to click on their Midnight Mania board and Lucky Chair. Some really great skins and shapes to be found. VERY realistic. I love mine!

Have fun shopping!