Saturday, July 25, 2009

SD Wears & PRIMALOT have FREE Goodies

If I haven't mentioned this before.
You CAN click on the pictures to make them LARGE to see more up close.

The dress today is a Midnight Mania Freebie at SD Wears. It's called "Bubble-Boo Dress".

It only takes 100 people to lock it down. What a fun dress, don't you think?!

You'll find this in the Dubya City Region.

Be sure to check out their subscribe-o-matic as well.

It offers a gift as well! There is also a dollarbie nearby if you look on the display.

PRIMALOT in the Blackmount Region has a subscribe-o-matic as well. If you walk down the stairs and around the corner, there are two LUCKY CHAIRS.

In the back on the bottom shelf you'll find these FREEBIE CORK WEDGES in their Freebie section, along with other fun things.

I hope you are able to walk away with at least one fun item! It's well worth the visit!