Monday, July 27, 2009

Botanical, Jewelry by Jake, SLink, Blaze, and more!

I always try to find new places for people to explore.

This time due to my outfit being white, I thought I'd go with the lovely colorful atmosphere of Botanicals!

Whether you wish to purchase at Straylight Region landscaping items, or just have a romantic moment.

I think you'll find a little something for everyone.

CKR was GiftHair #007 (Platinum).
This was created by Suzu Rechel.

When I tried to find the old location of CKR, it lead me to ROGE in the JapanSeychellesLand Region. Let me know if you know where it is.

The skin is by Lazolli in the Juicy Mirabella Region. It's called Sophia - 04F Every once in awhile she hides little gifts of 0-2L skins amongst her regular priced skins.

My Blaze Body Glitter - Silver was part of an outfit during their Fire Sale. But I love it by itself. You can find other wonderful attire as well. Just look around at Blaze Region at Blaze!

SLink is one of my favorite stores. It first started out by her making nail polish for both hands and feet that actually made sense when you wore them in gloved form. Then she went on to make some really great clothing mix/match pieces. Last but not least, as you see, she's followed through with some really cute prim sandals!

Be sure to take a trip over to SLink in the Sanctum Region. It's a great experience!

Jewelry by Jake is found in the Plio Region. Click on the picture to see it more up close.

My outfit Satin White was a gift from a friend. Mystic Paradise is found in the Alouette Region. What is nice is you can find some great deals for 50L!

I hope you were able to find something during this tour of SL.

See you next post with more fun and adventure!.