Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beauty Avatar * RedGrave * DH * AD * and Pelletteria Morrisey

This little adventure will take you to a few places to check out.
I hope that you'll find it worth your while. I had fun doing it.

First place is Beauty Avatar Couture, which is found in Beauty Avatar Couture Region.

Their Estate Gift gives you a full female avatar (outfit, skin, eyes, and more). You'll find it on the entrance table in a white purse. I am only displaying the skin though here.

Though my eyelashes from REDGRAVE came from a BUNDLE, they DO have a couple nice freebies to check out. (Blue Eyes, Sunglasses, and a Face Light)

You'll located it in the REDGRAVE Region.

If you DO want the eyelashes bundle. Then this is the SPOT to them!

The hair I'm wearing comes from Diversity Hair in the Addictive Region.

It's called Crimson-Peroxide Blonde. I think I got it on the last hunt I did in their store. I call it the Elizabeth Hurley look.

If you are under 30 days old, *DH* gives you a voucher for FREE hair of your choice. Be sure to check out the 1L fat packs of hair upstairs.

I LOVE this next place. The creator is such a lovely lady. Italian fashion that brings memories of my childhood of high school and young 20's. Pelletteria Morrisey is located in Danish Visions Region.

This is one experience if you love shoes and purses like me to make well note of!
Remember if Stilettos are NOT your thing? This store is a MUST!

Last but not least... Angel Dessous in the Blue Sky Region. I am wearing GreccoBlack. (I also have it in GreccoBeige as well) this came from their Lucky Chair.
( You'll find a Midnight Mania and 3 Lucky Chairs HERE. )

A fun piece to kick back in or go clubbing. Definiately makes me think of summer and light comfortable fabrics. I would compare some of the pant outfits something akin to Nyte N Day. A great place to explore!

That's this bunch! Happy Shopping!