Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ema's Dilema Lucky Chair & Enkythings Freebies!

At Ema's Dilemas
I had a chance at a prize in her lucky chair.

Though the original outfit is very sexy...
I figured I'd feel a bit more comfortable by adding this jacket over the turtleneck short drift top otherwise.

The rest (skirt, collar sculptie, and nylons) are original.

Such a fun outfit!

What to my surprise when I stopped by Enkythings and found they had a couple freebies (earrings and shoes) over by the door.

So to make it complete, this is what I'm wearing now.

If you want a chance at either Ema's Lucky Chair or Enkythings Freebies.
(I"m including both landmarks for your enjoyment!)

Ema's Dilemas can be found on Golem Oyland Region, and Enkythings can be found on Orbiuna Region.