Thursday, July 23, 2009

Idiosyncrasy Skins , Goldie Locks, and Blue Blood

This is a new skin coming out by Idiosyncrasy Skins called Riley - Birthday Girl in Pale.

I thought I'd give you a different look on my blog, and this is my first of many (depending on the skin makers that I blog).

It has a lovely fresh tone to the flesh, and the face up close reminds me of a English Model.

You can find more at Idiosyncrasy Skins in the PopFuzz Region.

Be sure to get on their subscribe-o-matics, to keep up to date with new releases!

The hair I'm wearing comes from Goldie Locks. They have a great selection, and this one is from their Lucky Chair.

It's called Polly in Coffee, though it reality it is a fat pack that gives you a variety to choose from. You can find more out about Goldie Locks Hair in the Nantli Xolal Region.

They also have a subscribe-o-matic, Newbie Hair Selection, Midnight Mania Board, and Lucky Chair section.

I just adore the owner of Blue Blood. Seriously. The lady is so sweet you could just pinch her cheeks!

At this store, you'll find from Victorian Goth, to Gothic Renassiance clothing, and even a few pieces that will surprise and amuse you. She has a Midnight Mania, Lucky Chair section, and more!

Be sure to do some exploring at Kali Isle and if you have the room, join her group!

The dress I'm wearing is "SheDevil Black" from her Lucky Chair.

There is another frontal piece to the dress, but I wanted to display the skin under it as well, thus why I left it off. But it still is a lovely gown! Enjoy!